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The people behind Your Sodexo

Your Sodexo was created by the Sodexo web team after carrying out research asking customer-facing employees what they might want out of a website.  The team carried out focus groups across Sodexo sites such as army barracks, large corporate offices, hospitals, schools, prisons, a former battleship - HMS Belfast, a grounds maintenance site and Tillery Valley in Wales.  We would like to thank everyone that gave us feedback and contributed to the development of the site.

Cara Lester-Smith, senior digital communication executive Stephen Marshall Elaine Morton, Talisman
Cara Lester-Smith, Senior Digital Communication Executive Stephen Marshall, Head of Digital Communications Elaine Morton, journalist, communications agency Talisman

Responsibility for regular updates, ongoing development, maintenance and management of Your Sodexo. 

Overall responsibility for ongoing development, maintenance and management of Your Sodexo.

The stories on Your_Sodexo are what make the site so engaging and interesting and those stories are all produced by our roving reporter, Elaine.



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