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Nathan Farrer

Nathan Farrer

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Nathan Farrer, cleaner at Cawdor Barracks, Brawdy

Joined Sodexo: September 2014

Lives in: Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Nathan Farrer, cleanerQ. What was your first job?

A.  It was as a kitchen porter on a holiday park.

Q. Tell us about your Sodexo role.

A.  I’m a cleaner at Cawdor Barracks and I look after several areas  – the main gate, the gym and the offices.

Q. Do you enjoy it?

A.  I really do. I get to know about different products and chemicals we use day to day, and meet some great people.

Q. What makes a good cleaner?

A. You need to be a quick learner and have good communication skills. Also, you have to find your routine quickly, and stick to it.

Q. What’s been your greatest achievement at work?

A.  When I first joined I was keen to help out in other areas, and won an On the Spot award.

Q. If you could pick any other job what would it be?

A.  I’m inspired by the work of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers so that would be great as a job. Or a dog handler and trainer, as I love dogs.

Q. What would your colleagues say about you?

A.  That I’m a hard worker.

Q. How would you describe Sodexo as an employer?

A.  It’s a great employer as there are so many different roles, and chances to learn.

Q. Who is your greatest inspiration?

A.  Nelson Mandela. He showed me that no matter what you do in the past, you can always make a better future.

Q. What would be your perfect day off?

A.  Having a summer picnic with my partner.

Q. Tell us three artists on your iPod.

A.  Ed Sheeran; Olly Murs; Justin Timberlake.

Q. Name your fantasy celebrity dinner guest.

A. American actor and comedian Katt Williams, just because he’s hilarious.

Q. Favourite quote/motto?

A. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Nelson Mandela.

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1 comment

Marcio V. - Very good answers Nathan.

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