Sodexo Supports Me - what can I call about?

There are so many things you can talk to AXA ICAS’s qualified advisors and counsellors about through the helpline. Perhaps you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour, have money worries or need some advice with a difficult landlord? Read some examples below to help.


Advice with children’s education; relationships; help with aged/dependent persons or the death or illness of a loved one.

Behavioral issues: My teenage son is clearly upset and won’t tell me what is troubling him. How can I help him?

Childcare: I work part time and need a good nanny. Where can I find one and how much should I pay them?

Eldercare: My parents need to move into an old people’s home. What options are available?


Quitting smoking; dietary issues or sleep disorders; weight problems or drinking or drug-related struggles.

Bad habits: I’ve tried to quit smoking three times over the past two years without success. How can I kick the habit once and for all?

Health support: I’m not getting enough sleep and it’s affecting my home and work life. What can you suggest?


Landlord/tenant or neighbour relations; insurance advice.

Accommodation: I am moving out of my rented apartment. How and when will the security deposit be paid out?

Neighbours: Our neighbours often play loud music late at night. Is there anything I can do?


Preparing to return to work after maternity or sick leave; stress management; preparing for retirement; relationships with colleagues.

Colleagues: I’ve noticed that one of my colleagues is dealing with a personal issue. He seems really anxious and tired lately. How can I help him?

Health: I really enjoy my work, but I often experience pains, which affect my work. How can I approach my boss about this?


Family budget; understanding your consumer rights; scheduling debt repayment

Budgeting: How can I get rid of my debts? Where can I make savings in my monthly outgoings?

Pension: I’m heading towards retirement and would like some information about my financial situation afterwards.

Consumer rights: I’ve recently bought a new car and I keep having mechanical problems. The dealership that sold me the car won’t fix it. What are my rights?”

Wellbeing Matters


0800 072 7072 (UK)

1 800 62 60 377* (Ireland)

+ 44 141 559 6487 (Abroad)

*ROI - only from a landline or the following mobile networks: 3G, Meteor, O2, Tesco, Vodafone