Your Lucky Number

Your lucky number lottery

Your Lucky Number is a weekly lottery that gives Sodexo employees the chance to win cash prizes while supporting Stop Hunger. It costs £1 a week and it’s easy to take part. You simply register on Reward Hub and you are automatically entered into a weekly draw.

Your Lucky Number supports the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation. Almost half of the money raised will help to fund Stop Hunger partner charities operating in the UK and the rest will go to employees in the form of three weekly cash prizes.

What are the prizes?

We’ll guarantee a prize fund of at least £1,250 a week to be split: 

  • 1st prize = £1,000
  • 2nd prize = £150
  • 3rd prize = £100

The more employees who participate, the bigger the prize fund, and the more money we raise for Stop Hunger.

Who can play?

Anybody who accesses their payslip through the Sodexo Reward Hub. 

How do I take part?

  • Just go to
  • You need to have an email address registered on Reward Hub and you can check this via the personal information tile. If you need to add an email address and need some help with how to do this, follow the instructions on p8 of the Reward Hub booklet.
  • Select the employee lottery tile which will take you to the online form which you’ll need to complete in order to take part. 
  • Your employee number is the lucky number that is used in the weekly draw. 
  • All the lottery terms and conditions are available on the online form.

Please ensure you and your family can afford the payments and are not putting yourself into financial difficulty by taking part in Your Lucky Number.

If your financial situation changes or you decide you no longer want to take part in Your Lucky Number  you can email to cancel. If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, please contact the Gamble Aware confidential helpline on 0808 8020 133 or go to for support and tips on how to stay in control.

You can also phone Sodexo Supports Me on 0800 072 7072, a free confidential independent information and counselling helpline for all employees and their immediate family that provides guidance and support on a range of money, work, home, family and wellbeing issues.

How much does it cost?

It costs £1 a week to take part in Your Lucky Number.

If you are paid weekly, £1 will be deducted every week directly from your net pay.

If you are paid monthly, £5.34 will be deducted from your net pay in the first month and after that £4.34 will be deducted each month to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover those months where there are five weeks and therefore there will be five draws before your next pay day

You can only play once a week with Your Lucky Number.

What will happen after I sign up to play?

Firstly you will receive an email which includes Your Lucky Number (your employee number) to confirm that your online form has been received and processed. Once your payment begins, which you will see on your payslip, you will be entered into the weekly draw. It’s that simple.

How will I know if I have won?

The weekly draw takes place on a Monday.

We will contact you by email to give you the good news and you will receive the prize money directly into your bank account within a couple of days.

All the results will be publicised each week right here on Your_Sodexo and in The Weekly Brief. 

Your Lucky Number winners

Draw - 12 March 2018

First Prize of £1000

Christine Timmins, Food Service Assistant, Tettenhall College, Schools and Colleges

Second Prize of £150

Daniel Dinsey, Graphic Designer, Transversal Functions

Third Prize of £100

Michael Sloyan, Prison Custody Officer, Justice Services