Stop Hunger Day 2018


On Stop Hunger Day, 9th May 2018, we are asking everyone to join the fight in tackling hunger and malnutrition. Make your #MyStopHungerPledge today!

The pledge could be to volunteering with a partner charity or fundraising to support the cause – why not both!


Employee Lottery

To mark Stop Hunger Day, we are doubling that week’s Your Lucky Number first prize to £2,000!

To be in the chance of winning, sign up to Your Lucky Number by 22 April!!


Summer opportunities for 2018 are now avaliable! Find out how to volunteer below;

How to volunteer

  1. Make a #mystophungerpledge – pledge to volunteer in your local community this summer and tweet your pledge photos using #mystophungerpledge
  2. Find a volunteering opportunity on our booking system
  3. Request approval from your line manager and log your request as normal.
  4. Book your volunteering opportunity. Return to neighborly website using password (volunteering voucher code) ‘Stop Hunger’. You will then receive a confirmation email.
  5. Pick your team, depending on how many people are required for the event. Spread the word and find colleagues to join you.
  6. Have fun and keep in touch.
  7. Please send your photos to and use the sodexo networks and Facebook to let us know how you are getting on. Tweet us at @STOPHunger_UK using the hashtag #mystophungerpledge.


Fundraising plays a very important part of Stop Hunger and allows us to support the amazing charity partners we work with and help communities we serve. We are encouraging fundraising activities on the 9th May to help raise awareness of Stop Hunger and engage others to do the same.

Stop Hunger Resources

Below are  exciting Stop Hunger resources to showcase your fundraising and volunteering activities. Please speak to your manager to request further resources for Stop Hunger Day!


Interactive pledge card - Write your #MyStopHugerpledge on this card, print off  and put on employee notice boards (subject to manager/client permission)

Download here


Go to your Facebook profile or camera to use


Facebook images - When sharing your #MyStopHungerPledge activites on Facebook use these images to increase awareness of Stop Hunger Day

Download here


Facebook images - When sharing your #MyStopHungerPledge activites on Twitter use these images to increase awareness of Stop Hunger Day

Download here

Impacting our Charity Partners