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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Volunteering Guidance

The challenges currently being experienced as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19) are unprecedented and sadly impacting on many vulnerable people in our communities.

Volunteer opportunities can be undertaken in-person or remotely (e.g over the phone), however please do not volunteer or continue to volunteer if your actions would create a risk to your own health (or the health of others) or otherwise contravene the applicable UK Government and Health Service Executive (Republic of Ireland) guidance.

You can now book virtual or in-person volunteering opportunites via the Stop Hunger Goodness Platform and record any volunteering you have done in the system. This helps us know where and how you are making a difference.

Please follow the guidance document below to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps to keep us all safe including how to continue volunteering, how to book volunteering and more.

Download the guidance here (dated 3 August 2020).

Important: If you are volunteering with the NHS, a charity or any organisation please follow the below steps to record your volunteering time

  • Log onto the Stop Hunger Goodness Platform
  • Select 'Volunteer' and then 'Track volunteer time' form
  • Complete 'Track volunteer time' form and submit


Why is volunteering so important?

Volunteering through Stop Hunger plays a vital role in Sodexo's commitment to fighting hunger and malnutrition across the globe.

Through volunteering with our charity partners, we give the chance for our employees to give something back whilst providing tremendous impact to local communities. Volunteering can also provide an excellent opportunity for a team-building day, so speak to your colleagues and get involved!

Sodexo employees are entitled to up to three paid days each holiday year to volunteer and can be organised via the Stop Hunger Goodness Platform.

The Stop Hunger Goodness Platform logo

These three days can be divided up into:

  • Volunteer three days with a Stop Hunger charity (a charity fighting hunger and malnutrition)
  • Volunteer two days with a Stop Hunger charity and one day with a charity of your choice

Both of these options can be tracked via the Goodness Platform helping us know where and how you are making a difference.

How to volunteer with Stop Hunger - it’s simple!

Step one: Request approval

Please request approval from your line manager for an approved absence to volunteer

Click here to access The Goodness Platform. You'll then need to log in with your username and employee number.

  • Your username will be your employee number (found on your payslip) with ‘UKI’ Infront of it. Example UKI10124567
  • Your password will be your surname followed by ‘!’ then the year you were born. Example Smith!1950

Use the documents below for support when accessing and using the Goodness Platform:

Please use the guidance above when accessing The Goodness platform for the first time.

Step two: Book your volunteering activity

You can either book your volunteering through The Goodness Platform or organise volunteering through a charity of your choice.

Step three: Read the volunteering checklist and Health and Safety document

Download the volunteering checklist and Health and Safety document here.

Please contact the charity and let them know you are attending, asking for any specific Health and Safety information for their site. If you are volunteering as a group, please select one person to act as the point of contact. Ensure you know where to go, how to get there, arrangements for refreshments and what clothing/footwear to wear.

Upon arrival, please perform the 3 Checks for Safety as you would with any work environment - please do not undertake any tasks that you do not feel can be done safely.

Step four: Have fun and keep in touch!

Remember to enjoy the day and take lots of photos!

Share your day with us on Facebook or tweet us at @STOP_HungerUK using #MyStopHungerPledge and let us know how you are getting on!

Please email for more information.

Join the employee lottery

A simple way to get involved is to sign up to Your Lucky Number - the Sodexo Employee Lottery. Each week there is £1,200 up for grabs, and it costs just £1 to play!

  • 1st prize - £1,200
  • 2nd prize - £200
  • 3rd prize - £150

Click here to find out how to join Your Lucky Number

Raise money

Fundraising means Stop Hunger can support its amazing charity partners and help local communities - it’s easy, fun and a little can go a long way to support people living with hunger. Get inspiration and find out more about fundraising here.

Once you pay money into the Foundation, please complete this form.

Use the resources on the right hand side to spread the word and promote your activities! Speak to your manager to see how you can start fundraising with Stop Hunger.

Contact us

Make sure to mention @STOP_HungerUK on Twitter when carrying out any Stop Hunger activities and use #MyStopHungerPledge. Where relevant you can also include the main Sodexo UK & Ireland Twitter - @SodexoUK_IRE.

If there's something you can't find or you have any questions, please contact the Stop Hunger UK Ireland team.


What is Stop Hunger?

Stop Hunger is a Sodexo initiative active in over 40 countries around the world. In the UK and Ireland, Stop Hunger works with charities to donate time, skills and money to tackle hunger, support good nutrition and promote life skills in local communities.

Click below for more information about Stop Hunger.

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