About Sodexo

We’re a business that provides a wide range of services, everything from food and reception through to cleaning, energy management, grounds maintenance, building maintenance and security.

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Delivering the Sodexo Difference

Sodexo has always played a positive role in people’s lives and our mission to improve the quality of life has remained unchanged for 40 years.  

Everyday tasks mean a great deal more when we think about the impact and difference we make to the lives of the people we serve.  It’s about the jobs we do every day, really thinking about the impact we have on the lives of the people we serve.

Sodexo values

A Sodexo chef

Service Spirit
We are proud to provide services to others. We take care in getting to know our clients and customers. We anticipate their needs, listen to what they say and pay attention to detail. We make ourselves available and are responsive, welcoming and efficient. What we say is what we do. We believe we must always keep our promises.

Team Spirit
We believe strong teamwork is essential to deliver our services. We support each other as a team, even when the going gets tough. Working together successfully means recognising our diverse qualities and skills. It depends on
open honest communication and respect for each other, with everyone pulling together to achieve our goals.

Spirit of Progress
We believe excellence in service means finding every opportunity for improvement. It means going the extra mile, taking the initiative, looking for better ways of doing things every day. We learn from our mistakes when they occur. In these ways we each make progress and the company as a whole succeeds. Team members should think about our values when making decisions in their everyday working life.
We deliver services at 33,000 sites around the world

Sodexo's amazing

We’re the world’s largest services company with 428,000 employees, providing more than 100 services in 80 countries around the world.


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