Our Better Tomorrow Plan

At Sodexo, corporate citizenship is about doing the right thing and has always been a fundamental part of our every day business practice. To take our commitment to corporate citizenship to the next level of performance, in Autumn 2009 Sodexo Group launched the 'Better Tomorrow Plan', a sustainability roadmap to 2020.

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We recognise that the issues which affect our clients, customers, employees, suppliers, the environment and other stakeholders also have an impact on the success of our business. 

Our approach is based on our values and ethical principles and we are committed to sustainable development, diversity and inclusion. The Better Tomorrow Plan is our framework for sustainable development.

Today, Sodexo is the recognised global sustainability leader in its market sector and, to take our credentials to the next level of performance, we have devised a worldwide sustainability roadmap for the Sodexo Group -  the Better Tomorrow Plan - covering 80 counties, 30,600 sites and engaging our 380,000 employees.

The Better Tomorrow Plan is Sodexo Group sustainability strategy to 2020. It seeks to address the sustainability issues that we have identified as being material to our business and stakeholders. 

The Better Tomorrow Plan consists of three pillars:

  • We Are - Our Group fundamentals; Our mission, values and ethical principles - the cornerstone of a responsible business

  • We Do - Five priorities and commitments for action:
    • As a responsible employer
    • Actively promote health, nutrition and wellbeing
    • Support  local communities development
    • Develop sustainable supply chains
    • Manage our environmental impact 

  • We Engage - Dialogue and joint actions with our stakeholders; We are committed to engaging with our employees, clients, suppliers, customers, NGOs and others

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