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Ever wondered why your parents have a different attitude to money, or why children are permanently plugged in?

It’s safe to say we’re all different. Our age, the era we grew up in and our personal experiences all have an influence on us.

People from different generations can have different attitudes, values, beliefs and motivations. Sometimes these differences can help us to work well together and share great experiences and, at other times, it can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

That’s why Sodexo has a genERAtions network.

You can join the genERAtions network here.

Which generation are you?

In today’s workplace we have four generations working together and by understanding a bit more about each, we can work better together. Not everyone from the same generation will think and behave the same way of course, but research has shown that quite often there will be similarities.

Gneerations table

The GenMatch gameGenMatch Game

Hopefully you will have seen - and played - our specially created GenMatch game. Every Sodexo site has received at least one and it’s something you can play again and again - it’s informative and a bit of fun too!

It’s just one of the ways we promote the genERAtions network to our people.

What the network has done so far

Gneerations Network

The genERAtions network in Sodexo has achieved a lot since it was launched in 2014. The network has a lot more planned in the future and needs employees to join to help us achieve more. Click here to view the illustration above in full size.

Why join?

The genERAtions network is free to join and open to all Sodexo employees in the UK and Ireland

Network members can take part in a range of practical and useful activities that can boost professional and personal development - you can play an active role in helping find solutions to generational challenges

Click the link below and sign up now

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