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Our mission is to support the career development and professional growth of women in Sodexo, to ensure gender balance in the business. That’s where our SoTogether network comes in.

Like all our networks, SoTogether is part of our diversity and inclusion programme, and any employee in the UK and Ireland can join.

What does the network aim to do?

  • Foster an inclusive culture within Sodexo to help promote gender balance at every level
  • Engage men in the network and wider gender balance debate
  • Contribute to Sodexo’s success in promoting diversity and inclusivity
  • Ensure a balanced perspective on our activity within the network and to influence a balanced approach within Sodexo
  • Make a difference to our community through charitable activity

Our leadership team and action plan

SoTogether is run by volunteers from within the business. The team follows an action plan to raise awareness of the network and deliver key targets including growing the number of male members, delivering events, sharing good practice and getting involved in charitable activities.

Why join?

There are lots of good reasons to join the SoTogether network. You can:

  • Attend events to grow your network and learn more about what other roles are available in the company.
  • Get access to live interviews with men and women at all levels of Sodexo who talk about their careers, as well as external speakers.
  • Boost your skills through learning sessions, from building your personal brand to improving your social media networking.

You can join the SoTogether network here.

SoTogether FM Hub

The FM Hub has a clear mission to increase gender diversity in facilities management roles at Sodexo. To find out more and to join the SoTogether FM Hub, please email SoTogether.UKandIE@sodexo.com.

SoTogether FM Hub

Why join?

The SoTogether mission is to ensure gender balance in the Sodexo business and support the career development and professional growth of women

Click the link below and sign up now

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