European Works Councils


  • European Works Councils (EWC) give employees from all European countries in big multinational companies a direct line of communication to top management.
  • They also make sure that workers in different countries are all told the same thing at the same time about transnational policies and plans.
  • They give workers’ representatives and national works councils the opportunity to consult with each other and to develop a common European response to employers’ transnational plans, which management must then consider before putting the plans into action.


Does Sodexo have an EWC?

Yes, Sodexo has operated an EWC for 20 years in the UK & Ireland.

  • It covers all the countries within Europe in which Sodexo operates.
  • Each country has an allocation of members directly related to the number of employees in the country.
  • In the UK we are allocated four members; the Republic of Ireland (ROI) has one place. The UK and ROI also has an arrangement where deputies join the members.

Things achieved to date include:

  • Supporting European colleagues with the introduction of accident reporting and improved health and safety standards.
  • Sharing best practice and documents such as staff appraisal templates and Focus on Five materials.

The role of the representatives is to:

  • Communicate and share with their colleagues in the relevant countries information that is shared at the council meeting. Obtain feedback from colleagues
  • Communicate across all business areas
  • Attend the annual council meeting in Paris in April
  • Attend four UK and Ireland meetings each year  
  • Representatives normally serve for four years

Download the EWC report.

Feel free to contact Rebecca Burt on if you need any advice or further information.


Ian Mundie - Corporate Services
George Don - Energy & Resources
Andrew McGinley - Corporate Services (Republic of Ireland)
Giuseppe Vaccaro - Corporate Services
Emma Longmate - Schools
Paul Lavery - Transversal Functions
Jenny Thorp – Corporate Services
Julie Hardman – Transversal Functions
Lucy Lawrence – Defence and Government Agencies
Ewelina Wlodarczyk – Corporate Services
Karolis Mazeika – Transversal Functions

Meet EWC member George Don

George Don

Read about George Don, a Chef/baker working on remote offshore sites, Energy & Resources who shares with us his experience as an EWC member. 

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