NAW 2021

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

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This week (8 to 14 February 2021) in the UK is National Apprenticeship Week 2021. The annual celebration gives us the opportunity to regionally recognise the successes of the hundreds of Sodexo colleagues who have stepped-up over the past year to undertake an apprenticeship journey in the most unprecedented time.

“Build the Future” is the theme for NAW2021, focusing on how employers train, retain and achieve with apprenticeships. Throughout the week, we will be sharing stories on Your Sodexo and Sodexo_Net that shine a light on the success of our people through adversity, and the huge variety of opportunities presented by Sodexo Apprenticeships, showing that anything is possible.

We’re kicking off the week by celebrating our Class of 2020. From hospitality to HR, adult care to accounting, business administration to project management, our colleagues have benefited from a breadth of opportunities afforded to them by apprenticeships. And they’re taught at every level, too – from GCSE standard all the way through to Masters.

Click here to read an appreciation booklet, prepared by the central apprenticeship team to recognise those who have undertaken apprenticeships across 2019-2020. And, if you spot a name you recognise, take a moment to give them a shout out with a Recognising You card, or ask a question about their apprenticeship journey via email.

As we move through the week, look out for more stories from our amazing colleagues, on Sodexo_Net and Your Sodexo.

  • On Tuesday, read about how our brand new technical apprenticeship programme is working to plug skills gaps of the future, and has already brought a brand new career for one colleague faced with a challenging experience through lockdown - click here
  • On Wednesday, find out about how Sodexo is cultivating its coaching culture by taking professional development to the next level. And, how a new apprenticeship is helping people at all levels of the organisation to bolster their skills – including senior leaders - click here
  • On Thursday, we’re highlighting those who have achieved some genuinely incredible things through the last year, and how their apprenticeship story has been challenged by – and succeeded through – life in lockdown - click here
  • On Friday, we’ll take a step back, and look at how our approach to supporting partners and communities to succeed in their own apprenticeship journeys, providing direct and positive social impact wherever we deliver our services - click here

You don’t have to wait for more information – find out now what kind of opportunity could await you in the rick and varied world of apprenticeships. Fill out this short form, and the central team will get back to you with guidance shaped for your needs.

What’s stopping you building for the future? With Sodexo apprenticeships, anything is possible.


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WasteLESS Week Winners 2020

Food waste at home? Not on Integrator’s watch!

In our previous 2020 WasteLESS Week winner stories, we’ve already explored how we can reduce food waste before it reaches customers, how tackling food waste is positive for communities, and now how we can all combat food waste closer to home.

WasteLESS Week 2020 winners

Fighting food waste and bringing people together

Continuing our WasteLESS Week 2020 winner celbrations, in our second story we’re focusing on runner’s up - the Sodexo team from Microsoft EMEA - who tackled their food waste in a very different way, choosing to donate what they could to local communities across Europe, United Arab Emirates and Africa.

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 - anything is possible graphic

Supporting communities through apprenticeships

Sodexo is proud to support a network of small and medium enterprises (SME’s), as part of our pledge to create positive social impact.

Apprenticeships - anything is possible

Achieving through adversity

Joanne Smith had worked for Sodexo for four years in a casual role, supporting on race days and functions at Ascot Racecourse. Then, in January 2020, she became Operations Manager – and in doing so, began an apprenticeship with Sodexo, studying Level 5 Operational/Departmental Management.

Sodexo Apprenticeships - anything is possible

Creating a coaching culture with apprenticeships

How do you unlock the best bits of your performance and attributes, and find the motivation within yourself to develop the areas that require improvement? HR and learning professionals, as well as business leaders, point towards the practice of coaching as an enabler to personal and organisational growth.  

Anything is possible, Sodexo Apprenticeships - Francisco Torija

Building for the future with apprenticeships

In November 2020, Sodexo UK & Ireland launched its first formal technical apprenticeship programme, designed to create the engineering skills needed in the future of the Facilities Management industry.

WasteLESS Week 2020 winners

Our 2020 WasteLESS Week winners

As a key strategic priority, food waste was taste of the town for WasteLESS Week 2020 encouraging all of you to shout about the ways you’re reducing food waste both on-site and at home. With WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week around the corner, we’re sharing our 2020 winner’s recipe for success.

NAW 2021

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

This week (8 to 14 February 2021) in the UK is National Apprenticeship Week 2021, giving us the opportunity to celebrate the success of our Sodexo colleagues regioanally, and share the possibilities afforded to us all by modern apprenticeships.

RVS logo

Volunteering to stop the spread

Over the coming weeks, the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), as well as some local authorities, will be searching for volunteers to support efforts to recover from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Sodexo is assisting the RVS and UK Government by promoting the opportunities available. Can you lend a helping hand?