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Building for the future with apprenticeships

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In November 2020, Sodexo UK & Ireland launched its first formal technical apprenticeship programme, designed to create the engineering skills needed in the future of the Facilities Management industry.

The first cohort of apprentices went live in January this year, and have already started to make their mark on the business.

For Francisco Calero Torija, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and its adverse effects on the business marked the beginning of a journey into a new career, as an apprentice maintenance engineer.

Francisco Calero Torija, apprentice maintenance engineer.

Francisco, what were you doing before your apprenticeship?

“I first joined Sodexo as Food Service Assistant at GSK House back in 2015, and I was promoted to team leader in 2019. I was only few months in role when the pandemic started, and I was placed on furlough. Unfortunately, in October 2020, I was made redundant.

“During my consultations I asked for the possibility of starting an apprenticeship with the technical team at my site. I was told there was a possibility, but I had to wait until January.

“I knew Sodexo could bring me the opportunity to do what I really liked for my career, so I decided to apply for a position in the housekeeping team in the meantime to remain in the company.

“After two months, I was contacted by my consultation manager asking if I was still interested in the apprenticeship, and of course I said yes. A few weeks later, I was successful in an interview, and I was able to begin a career that I had wanted for so long”.

Why did you choose to become an apprentice within Sodexo?

“Working for Sodexo all these years has taught me that the company cares for its employees, and give the opportunity to develop and grow. It has been great from the start, and luckily, I have a skilled team willing to teach me, and they’re really approachable.”

What does it mean to you to be a Sodexo apprentice?

It means I will have the opportunity to achieve a successful carrier in hard services. I also feel valued, and excited about the skills and knowledge I’ll receive thanks to this apprenticeship.

My induction has been great. My manager, Dan, has been taking care of me, assisting me through the process and helping with all my questions. I have felt welcome and supported from the beginning.”

What do you think are the key skills you will develop throughout your apprenticeship?

“As well as technical knowledge and learning how to diagnose faults, I am developing transferrable skills such as problem-solving, team co-operation, attention to detail, time management, resilience, and the ability to work under pressure."

While the technical apprenticeship programme brings an exciting prospect, there are many more options for budding learners. Francisco’s story shows us that an apprenticeship can be a great way to navigate through uncertainty, prepare for a new career, or bolster existing skills.

To find an apprenticeship that suits you, or to find more information, get in touch with the UK and Ireland team today with this short form.

With Sodexo apprenticeships, anything is possible.


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