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Don't delay - nominate a colleague or team for a Spirit of Sodexo Award!

Through the past year, Sodexo colleagues have pulled together to achieve amazing things. The Spirit of Sodexo Awards programme gives us a great opportunity to recognise people from all levels. With 23 different categories to choose from, and a new online form, it is easier to nominate than ever before.

To launch our nominations, we caught up with last year's Manager of the Year , Peter Somerville from Heritage Portfolio, to give us an insight into his experience with the Spirit of Sodexo Awards, and what it meant to him to be nominated.

Peter, can you tell us what it feels like being nominated for a Spirit of Sodexo Award?

It was the surprise element that got me. Heritage Portfolio is relatively new to Sodexo and I am certainly new to the whole process, so I wasn’t familiar with these kinds of ceremonies and recognition events. I had no idea that these kinds of events took place let alone I could be nominated for them!

"It was very touching to be put forward by people you care about and work with. To know that colleagues took some time to think and nominate you for the good work you’ve done that year was really moving."

It almost feels unnecessary to win the award as I feel like I was just doing my job. However, what I now have is my award on my desk which reminds people and myself that there are great things happening within Sodexo, especially during these difficult times.

My parents and my partner were so proud of me that I got recognised for the work that I do. On a personal note, I just try and do my work and I don’t over-analyse anything. I am not great at patting myself on my back, so having my parents and my loved ones seeing that I was recognised and being able to be proud of me was really touching.

What were you nominated for, by who and how did it feel to be recognised by a colleague in this way?

I know that there were a couple of people that wrote some very nice things about me. My Director told me I had a lot of great support from colleagues. I am surprised nobody has owned up to the nomination; if it was me I’d own up and try and get a drink out of them!

I remember getting the email for the event and not really realising it was such a big thing and not taking it seriously at the time. I had heard about the Spirit of Sodexo Awards, but I had no idea about the scale and size of the event. When I realised that I had actually been nominated and learning more about it I was shocked and over the moon. It took me a moment to realise just how special and important the event was.

My team were just so happy. I had a couple of colleagues who were at the ACC with me because a couple of us were nominated and the support in the room was overwhelming. You watch events like the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards and you see people jumping up and down and clapping for their friends and that’s how it felt on the night!

What are your words of advice to anyone thinking about nominating this year?

Now I’ve been to the awards, my main advice is just to nominate as much as possible. Take time and think about your colleagues. Ask yourself is it 'just their job', or are they going above and beyond what is expected of them. It’s been a difficult year and we have all worked so hard to get through it.

This year's awards will be virtual and that means the moment can be shared with more of our people than ever. How do you feel about the new style of awards?

I think it’s great and it brings us together. We have taken part in virtual events as a team, and for clients and they have been super successful. I think it’s important these events take place because at the moment we are all stuck at home and so this is an activity we can all take part in together and we can be there for our colleagues.

"It would be great to share the event with as many people is possible!"

The Spirit of Sodexo Awards are open to all colleagues in the UK and Ireland. This year more than ever before, it is important to recognise your colleagues who have proved time again to do more than the job asks.

If you want to learn more about Spirit of Sodexo, you can access the Your_Sodexo page here. Make sure you nominate your colleagues using the online form - remember to provide good examples of how your colleague or team has achieved the criteria of the award category.

Colleagues from all across the business can be nominated - whether they are frontline team members, redeployed, on furlough, working from home, or fulfilling their normal role.

Nominations close on 12 March 2021, so make sure you get your nominations in before the deadline!


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