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Stop Hunger Awards 2020

Kelly’s focusing on the future

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As lockdown continues to ease for many, especially with the re-opening of some of our central offices, we’re all starting to get back together in some form or another. During the pandemic many of you have continued to support Stop Hunger, including the four winners of this year’s Stop Hunger Awards, and we hope as we move forward more of you will join their efforts to help get the Foundation back on track.

Stop Hunger’s network of Charity Champions are a vital link for Sodexo colleagues up and down the region. They are instrumental to the Foundation’s progress and, of course, last year’s record-breaking year.

Kelly Slavin is one of Sports & Leisure’s best kept secrets – she plays a powerful part in the segment’s fight against hunger. As a Sales and Events Designer, Kelly works for Heritage Portfolio in Scotland managing sales enquiries and coordinating client events from proposal through to delivery.

Kelly has always had a passion for fundraising and volunteering, previously giving her time to support others. She first learnt about the Foundation on a Sodexo Health and Wellbeing Week. As part of the week, Stop Hunger provided funding for groups of school children to attend a week long residential course with Sodexo and the Outward Bound Trust.

“The schools involved selected pupils who would benefit most from the programme, aiming to develop their confidence; improve their team working and problem-solving skills; develop an understanding of the relationship between eating and exercise; and learn about what a healthy balanced diet looks like.

“I attended the week as a Sodexo ambassador, assisting in meeting these outcomes with the pupils, whilst learning what an impact it had on them and their future planning. It was as a result of this week I sort to become a Stop Hunger Charity Champion.”

Kelly, alongside dozens of other Stop Hunger Charity Champions, act not only to spread the word of the Foundation’s activities and help its supporters, but also secure funding for local organisations who align to Stop Hunger’s cause.

“Last year I worked with two community charities in particular – Edinburgh Food Social and Social Bite, who were both successful in their applications for Stop Hunger funding which was fantastic!”

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Kelly has been redeployed to support at a Sodexo operated testing centre but has still continued her important work as a Charity Champion.

“The pandemic has certainly changed things, and unfortunately at the moment there is definitely less opportunity to host fundraising events. Some sites have been able to fundraise for Stop Hunger with the sale of rainbow “Thank You” t-shirts. I have also seen more colleagues looking to volunteer with the Stop Hunger charities whilst they’ve been on furlough, which has been a welcome help to many organisations.”

Kelly’s advice to get people participating with Stop Hunger activities is to educate colleagues on its impact:

“Stop Hunger does such amazing work and sometimes my colleagues are unaware of this, so that would be my first recommendation: help educate our peers on what the Foundation does. I think volunteering is a great place to start as it gives a great insight into what Stop Hunger’s charity partners actually do to support their communities – I have seen people become more engaged with fundraising as a result of volunteering.”

When Kelly found out that she had won a 2020 Stop Hunger Award for Best Charity Champion, she was a little bit shocked:

“It was lovely to have been recognised, and it was definitely not expected! I enjoy supporting Stop Hunger as I acknowledge the work the Foundation and its charity partner’s do is hugely important to so many people. The pandemic has highlighted even more the reasons why I am a Charity Champion, and I will be working hard to get as many colleagues involved with Stop Hunger activities as possible. My future focus is going to be volunteering as this is where charities are struggling the most at the moment, but I will also be promoting food bank drops as these are valued in addition to any funds we raise, which will be difficult.”

Kelly with her Stop Hunger trophy

Once again, a huge congratulations to Kelly and her award win – you are a true Charity Champion!

Coming back together either at client sites or central offices provides us all with an opportunity to safely get involved with Stop Hunger activities. We hope that over the last four weeks, this year’s Stop Hunger Award winner’s have inspired you to play a part and show your heart.

If you missed any of the previous winner stories and their top tips for Stop Hunger success, follow the links below to read more:

Well done to all four winners and we look forward to the 2021 Stop Hunger Award winners being announced – will it be you?


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