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In the kitchen with David Mulcahy

In the kitchen with David Mulcahy

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More than a fifth of Brits are now cooking every meal from scratch, compared to just one in eight before lockdown. A study (by OnePoll) of 2,000 adults found that more than half have been experimenting and using extra ingredients in their cooking more often since the call to stay at home.

This has led to the nation rediscovering the joys of home cooking, but those making meals are also facing new challenges – ingredients can be hard to come by, families have more mouths to feed whilst many children remain at home, and whilst some people have more time than ever to experiment, others have much less.

Eating well whilst working from home is a healthy habit that can be hard to build and easy to break, but with a few top tips from David Mulcahy, Culinary Ambassador for Sodexo UK & Ireland, and his panel of experts, you can find a foodie formula that works for you!

You can join David and a host of food VIP’s in a live Q&A this Thursday (28 May 2020) at 3pm for more top tips for eating well at home. Click here to register your place and get some answers to your food frustrations.

In the meantime, David has pulled together some top-tips to keep you eating well and living your best foodie lives.

Shop smart

David’s advice on making the most of your food shopping it to plan ahead: “Heading to the shops hungry and without a list are two of the things that will really going to trip you up when it comes to getting value for money and making good decisions whilst out shopping.”

David advises us to check the fridge and cupboards before making a list, often finding that top-up items can make a meal when combined with what we already have. And when it comes to making that list, he’s got an extra tip: “Lists that are written under key headings of supermarket sections can help you avoid forgetting items and walking back on yourself – something that’s especially needed at this time.”

Eat sustainability, for your family and the planet

Eating sustainably doesn’t always have to mean buying organic products or going vegan – it’s also about finding a way with food that’s sustainable for your family in terms of cost and time.

David’s view on family cooking is to keep is realistic: “whilst you might feel the pressure to be cooking gourmet meals from scratch for several people, take a sense check on what time you have available in the week to cook and make the most of it. Batch cooking at a weekend is the perfect opportunity to feed a family though the week.”

With World Environment Day around the corner (5 June), consider halving the meat in a recipe and replace with pulses, beans and grains. Planning your full ingredient use in advance can also help: “prior planning should include what to do with the other half of the cauliflower or those rogue carrots and parsnips not used at the weekend!”

Don’t be overwhelmed

Checking out new recipes is a great way of expanding your skills and knowledge base around food. With so many to choose from, David’s advice is to check them out when you are not under pressure to prep: “think about dishes that you would like to attempt at the weekend and plan into the shopping list.”

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of meals that need to be made, there are fun ways to share the load: “try a Come Dine with Me week where each family member takes a turn at making a meal and scores each one. The winner gets dessert of their choice made for them by the others!”

Don't forget to register for the live employee Q&A this Thursday (28 May 2020).


1 comment

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