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Talk - sleep focus

Are you getting the sleep you need?

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Each month, your colleague wellbeing offer, Talk, will focus on a topic that can help you prioritise your physical and mental health. Through March, we're looking at sleep health.

It’s easy to take sleep for granted, but it can come to dominate our lives when we’re not getting enough of it. We may lose concentration, struggle with daily pressures, or see our health suffer. With World Sleep Day designated on Friday 19 March this year, here’s some basic advice which sleep experts agree on:

Stay regular

  • Many people find going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time each day helps them sleep better. 

Create a restful sleeping environment

  • Keep your bedroom for sleep. It shouldn’t be too hot or cold, and it should be as quiet and dark as possible. Make sure your bed is not too soft or hard.

Exercise more

  • Regular, moderate physical activity, such as walking or swimming, can help relieve the day's stresses. Just don’t do a hard workout too close to bedtime.

Cut down on caffeine

  • Reduce tea or coffee in the afternoon and evening. They interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep sleep. Have a hot milky drink or herbal tea instead. 

Don't over-indulge

  • Too much food or alcohol, especially just before bedtime, can play havoc with sleep patterns. Alcohol may help you fall asleep initially, but will interrupt your sleep later in the night.

Stub it out

  • Yes, smoking is bad for sleep too. Smokers take longer to fall asleep, wake more frequently and often experience more sleep disruption. 

Try to relax before going to bed

  • Have a warm bath, listen to some quiet music, do some yoga or read a book to help relax your mind and body. Avoid digital devices for an hour or so before bed.

Make jobs lists

  • Deal with worries or address a heavy workload by making a list of things to be tackled the next day. 

Don’t lie awake

  • If you can't sleep, get up and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy again - then go back to bed. 

Do you have a top tip to share? Pop it in the comments below! You can also download a full article on sleep health from our employee assistance programme provider, Talk, on Your_Sodexo. This is full of handy information to circulate amongst your team.

Free activity: Get your wellbeing in shape!

Beginning this week is the CiC Wellbeing Bootcamp, with five days of topics designed to support better wellbeing, beginning with a focus on sleep health. You can sign up here for free. Why not take part, and invite your colleagues to do the same?


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